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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Lava Tanks!

Hey guys!  So today I am going to be introducing you to the magic that is Lava Tanks!  I definitely will be doing a video for these because they are just awesome.  These are made by jonboyusmc from ECF (electronic cigarette forum).  These are his modified tanks that fit on most pv's (personal vaporizer - another name for e-cigs).  They hold about 3 ml of liquid in them, which will last me all day, and they have a cartomizer that slides into the middle of them.  You need to punch or have someone else punch two holes (one on each side) of the carto and the idea is that the liquid from the tank flows into the holes in the carto and then into the atomizer part of the carto and then you vape happily for the whole day.  YAY!

These tanks are made out of a clear tubing and you can't use any liquid in them that contains cinnamon oil, clove oil, or citrus flavors - all others are ok to use.  Mrs. T's Snickerdoodle contains cinnamon and therefore is a big no no to use in these.  They have a top and bottom portion that are made out of acrylic or stone material in a wide variety of colors.  They can be used on virtually every pv out there including EGO's, but probably would look kinda funny on something smaller than an EGO.  I hear that the GLV mini's need some type of an adapter in order to be used effectively on those due to the button placement.  I don't have specific details on this since I don't own one.  I plan on using mine on my new Provari so that is the device I will be using for the video.  I may also put it on my VGO so that EGO, VGO and KGO users can see what it would look like on a device of that size.

The tanks are sold for $45.00 for acrylics, $50.00 for 5 ml Magma Tanks, and $55.00 for a stone Lava Tank.  This price includes shipping so it will be shipped to your door with a carto already inside, either a 2.0 Boge or 3.0 Boge (2.0 for 3.7 v devices or anything up to 5v and 3.0 for 5 - 6 v). You can visit us here to get a Lava Tank of your very own.  The next sale date has not been announced yet.  For more information on how to actually purchase a Lava Tank, please see my post entitled LavaCorps.

Other materials you will need to operate your new Lava Tank:
Refill cartos that are either 2.0 - 3.0 or whatever carto you prefer, stainless is preferred
Liquid of your choice
Cartomizer Punch (or saddle valve punch from your local hardware store)
A drip tip (this will be used to assemble your tank)
An EGO/VGO/KGO (this will only be used to assemble your tank)

The video you are about to watch shows that you should use something that will allow you to spin your cartomizers before putting them into your tank, but filling them using the condom method would work also, you don't have to actually spin them.

This video was made by Dino from the LavaCorps.  I'm only linking it here because I see no reason to make another video when he's done such a fabulous job of making this one :)

Bet ya can't have just one :)

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